We, Solubilis register your patent in Chennai, Coimbatore, Salem, Madurai, Trichy, Tirupur, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Kochi.

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About Us

Patent registration is a dedicated process and needs experienced and highly skilled experts. The patent registration is a very complicate process which plays an important role to protect intellectual property of a company. Now, patent registration is the most important section of a company's intellectual property defense program.

  • While maintaining a basic fee structure, We Solubilis helps our clients in building their IP portfolios by working within their budgets and offering cost-effective solutions. To deliver worldwide, a full range of intellectual property services to an reach of clients from individuals to large business combinations. .

  • Every country has different laws for patent registration. In India, the patent registration law is in the act 1970. The patent registration can be registered either alone or together with a partner. Several documents are required for your patent registration in India. Patent registration is a very complicated procedures and it can be done with the help of highly experienced peoples.

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